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AT GORGEOUS NAILS & SPA, WE CARRY OVER 100 SOLAR COLOR POWDERS. So there are many choices, or you could just pick one of over 600 polish bottles in our store for Acrylic nail tips.A triple-milled powder with flex chemistry provide maximum flexibility with an Advance UV seal blocker that create a mirror-class finish, that guaranteed any polish From chipping, non-yellowing, its more natural and durable.
Solar Nails are an improved version of acrylic nails. Solar Nails are in fact a brand name of Creative Nail Designs. Because the two nail services are so similar many women wonder “what are solar nails?” and the difference between solar nails vs acrylic nails.

What To Expect From Solar Nails:Solar Nails have a two step application process. The process is similar to a French manicure. Although the process may be similar to the French manicure it results in a longer lasting nail. With this service your nails will not chip, turn yellow, and they last for a long time.

One of the main differences between acrylic nails and solar nails is that the CND brand only needs to be re-filled every three weeks. Acrylic nails need a refill every two weeks. Also, solar nails do not require a polish to be applied. After nail technicians smooth out the solar nails they are ready to go.

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